SharpX is an advanced digital platform that enables anyone to invest in funds that are accessible today only to institutions, endowments, and the well-off.

How does SharpX work?

Our structure and corporate governance along aide with numerous investors’ capital allows the SharpX community to collaboratively access a diversified portfolio of boutique investments that until today were only available to the well-off.

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    Choose your investment amount

    With a minimum investment of $5,000, you gain access to investments that are accessible today only to institutions, endowments, and high net worth investors.

  • 2

    Capital is invested in boutique investment funds

    The Model invests in a combination of high-quality private debt, real estate funds, and hedge funds that are focused on capital preservation, variable liquidity, cash distribution and potential growth.

  • 3

    Receive your digital participation rights which are held on a secure digital wallet

    Powered by smart contracts and enforced by code.

  • 4

    Money is received to secure digital wallet

    External administrator releases annual dividends based on NAV. The investor can choose to transfer funds or to reinvest.

The Opportunity

SharpX offers boutique investments.

  • Mitigates risk

  • Popular choice for high net worth individuals

  • Low correlation to capital markets

  • Diversified across sectors

Diversified Across Sectors

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